College & Depression

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In this video I touched on college and depression.

College can cause you to become sad for numerous reasons

Lack of money
Lack of food
Lack of clothes
You name it
I also work in a school and I encounter students who fall sad 
or have fallen sad because of their circumstances.

I have fallen into saddness while in college myself.
For numerous amount of reasons.
No Money
Stress from classes
Lack of sleep
Working to much
You name it

One semester I was in and out of the doctor because I fell
sick from working to much.
17 hour days are no joke.

In the video I touch on ways you can overcome this sadness 
or atleast work on it.

You are not a robot therefore you cannot do everything.
College can be EXTREMELY draining.
Imagine going days without sleep because
you work and take care of kids for example.
I would imagine someone who is doing this 
would eventually crash from exhaustion.

Now replace the items above with the 
things you do on a day to day basis.
It's crazy, right ?

Therefore here are some tips 

1. Have a cut off time. My cut off time is 8 or sometimes 9pm. At 9pm I stop doing all work and take some time for myself.

2. Plan your days. Use google calendar or iphone calendar to plan EVERY hour of your day. (Factor in breaks, naps, cooking, cleaning, homework, your hobbies, anything).

3. SLEEP, your beauty sleep in important. I fell very ill due to a lack of sleep.

4. You cannot do everything, remember that.

5. Love yourself enough to say no when necessary.

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